CiCi's Underwear Guide - What Your Underwear Says About Your Personality

Have you ever woken up in the morning, showered and then picked your underwear according to what you have planned for the day?


Of course you have!


White or nude underwear underneath a white dress, seamless underwear for gym days. 


Something lacy if you’ve got something fun planned for the evening. You know it’ll make you feel more confident and sexier.


On the flip side, have you ever wondered what kind of underwear your super CEO, boss lady is wearing?


Animal print because she lives on the wild side or briefs because she is all about keeping it comfy?


You might never find out, because underwear is that fun, little secret only you get to know about.


So let’s focus on what your underwear says about you!


Are you someone who likes to wake up early and make the most of each day? Or a spontaneous soul who lives for adventure and books an overseas flight the day before?


Let's find out! First up, we have...




Let’s start off with trusty briefs. They’re the classic underwear type and usually come in basic colours.


Nothing bold or unconventional going on here, but when it comes to comfort and durability, they absolutely nail the brief (pun intended).


They work well with almost every outfit because they’re just there to support you as best they can!


If you're a briefs girl:


You’re unassuming, trustworthy and someone that doesn’t like fuss. Fuss makes everything more complicated and that’s not something you need in your life.


You know what’s good for you and go about your business. Now, why can’t everyone else do the same?


Vibes: Classic Beauty


Seamless Underwear


Seamless underwear for women is a lifesaver because it's all about multi-functionality.


It transitions effortlessly from daytime office wear to afternoon gym session. Then straight to slinky black dress for evening cocktails.


You need at least three pairs of seamless underwear in every wardrobe because of their versatility. Cici Seamless Underwear if possible!


If you're a seamless underwear girl:


The seamless underwear gal is an efficient gal. Early starts do not phase you and you know that time exists before 9am.


You’re organised and make the most of your day. You don’t spend all your free time watching endless seasons of a Netflix drama. Not that there’s anything wrong with that at all!


Vibes: Marie Kondo


Granny or High-Waisted Underwear


Endless support awaits the wearer of this underwear type. It’s like a warm hug that you know is there for you both physically and emotionally.


If you're a granny or high-waisted underwear girl:


The granny or high-waisted underwear wearer is a kind, thoughtful, and practical person in real life.


You care more about what’s on the inside of people and do not succumb to new and fast fashion.


Incidentally, wearing granny underwear might also mean that you've just gotten your period. Right now you’re needing a little extra comfort and TLC for the next five or so days.


Vibes: Mother Hen/Vintage Connoisseur


Lacy Underwear


Lace is flirty and looks good. It’s also intricate, complex and when worn right, slightly mysterious.


Almost everyone has got a little bit of naughty mixed up in their nice. On days when you need a little extra spice or to boost your outfit, lacy underwear is an excellent choice!


If you're a lacy underwear girl:


Do you like to show a little bit of lace underneath your singlet top or dress?


If you’re a regular wearer of anything lacy, you’re someone with great taste who likes the extra things in life.


Underwear isn’t just a random coloured undergarment hidden under layers of clothing, it’s a statement and you’re giving Devil Wears Prada vibes.


Vibes: Devil Wears Prada


Bikini Cut


The perfect everyday underwear that’s both a little cute and feminine. AND comfortable. Works well in almost every situation and you trust them to get the job done (but in a fun and interesting way).


If you're a bikini cut girl:


You’re the girl next door and are super fun to hang with. No major dramas are happening in your life and your friends can relax and have a good time with you.


You’re someone that every girl gang needs!


Vibes: Girl Next Door




Underwear shorts are a good choice on those days in the middle of summer when it’s too hot to do anything.


Shorts are for lazing around the house on a Sunday afternoon, eating ice blocks, and trying to get the fan to point your way.


If you're a shorts girl:


You’re probably the tomboy of the group. You’re sporty and have a nice tan and don’t take life too seriously.


You also love showing off your booty. Good on you! Not sure who needs to hear this but if you’re looking for a sign to wear shorts, this is it, you’re ready to rock them.


Vibes: Hot Booty Summer


G-String or Thong


The underwear that leaves the least to the imagination. It’s a slightly acquired taste and not everyone is a fan even after trying it.


But that might be because you haven't tried CiCi's g-string. They’re a seamless thong, otherwise known as 'the most comfortable g-string in the world'. No cap. Literally every review says so. Check them out here.


If you're a g-string or thong girl:


You’re bold and confident and go after what you want in life!


Ambitious and smart, you’re ready to take on whatever the world throws at you. There isn’t time for anyone else's extra bs unless you’re the one that created it in the first place.


Vibes: Girl Boss




While going commando is the opposite of wearing underwear, it still requires an honourable mention.


Whether you’re protesting underwear or in the mood for better airflow, commando is a statement in and of itself.


If you're a commando girl:


Similarly to our g-string girls, you care very little about what others think of you and know your place in the world.


You live a little on the edge and have a rebellious and playful side that not everyone gets to see.


Vibes: Warrior Woman


That’s it! Congratulations on becoming an underwear connoisseur!


Have you picked which underwear you’re most likely to wear on any given day?


The thing is, you might wear different underwear every single day of the week and that’s perfectly okay. 


You might start the week off on Monday with Marie Kondo or girl boss vibes. Come Wednesday, it’s all become a bit too much and you’re going with girl next door bikini cuts.


Maybe by Friday you’ve perked up and have become a true warrior woman. Whatever you’re wearing, you go girl! Pssst, your secret is safe with us, we won’t tell anyone, pinky promise.


Written by Moira Deutinger